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Instagram Contest

If you are looking to win big in 2018, you might consider joining giveaways on both Facebook and Instagram. Today, we are going to talk about the Instagram contest, how to join, participate and win a contest on Instagram easily.

Instagram Contest is uniquely constructed for Young People between the ages of 18-28 years. Many companies trying to promote a brand might decide to organize a contest with certain rules that participants need to abide by. These rules are not always hard but one needs to apply extra effort to come out successfully.

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I will show you examples of Instagram Contest, rules of Instagram Contest, How to Win Instagram contest and many more. You only need to read with full concentration and you will get everything in quantum.

I was once a giveaway participator and have won many contests in Nigeria and abroad. I started joining the online contest in 2012 when I was still in the university and have won lots of goodies which include Home Appliances (Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Television and Sound Systems) I have won fashion material from Aerial and many other companies and also a cash prizes.

I am now currently battling to win salary for life from Diamond Extra promo and a Car too. Then will I know that I have won everything in the contest world!

Now that you have seen how interesting it is to join contests and giveaways, I believe you will take it seriously from today and start searching for an online task to complete and win interesting prizes.

Current Instagram Contests 2018

You can find an ongoing contest on Instagram by just searching with hashtags. You can also use google search to find out which contest/giveaway that is ongoing.

When that is been done, just navigate to the rules of the contest and follow accordingly.

Instagram Contest Rules

To win Instagram contests in 2018, you need to follow rules of the contest else, you will be disqualified. Rules will always be seen on the page of the company hosting the contest.

We appreciate if you will take your time to read about Instagram Contest, Instagram Giveaway, Rules, Templates, and Current contests to avoid any mistake. You can as well help us share the information with your friends on social media using the link below.

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