BitconnectX ICO Review – Why you Must Invest In BitconnectX

A new ICO will be launched on 10th January, 2018. This might be the biggest ICO sale this year, we are yet to see how it will go.

I will be reviewing BitconnectX. At the end, we should be able to know if it is a scam project or it is legit.

Announcement of the registration schedule and the roadmap will be informed in the near future, please stay patient and watch out.

Bitconnect has officially launched the ICO countdown to their newest platform, Bitconnect X.

The ICO begins on 10th of this month. They will accept Bitconnect, Bitcoin, and Litecoin as payment in exchange for BitconnectX coins.

This may be an opportunity for new users to take advantage of the services offered by Bitconnect, while getting in earlier to reap more gains.

Remember, if you do choose to invest, always invest responsibly.

Why You Must Invest In BitconnectX

I can boldly tell you that BCCX Coin is not a Scam. This project is likely to be the highest ICO sales this year. They have over 2 million participants who are willing to buy the new coin haven seen how successful BCC went in the past one year.

BCC ICO was done on November 2016, it started with little Satoshi but and it’s among the top 10 coins in the coinmarketcap.

With this good improvement in their first project, there are 90% guarantee that bitconnectx will do well.

How To Register and Participate in the Token Sale

All you need to do is visit the official ICO website via

Sign Up and Buy the amount of coin you want with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitconnect Coin.

Note: Its four day to the launching of BCCX. Be on alert so that you will not miss out because I can see that they will reach their hard Cap very early.

Watch this space for other popular ICO that is worth investing in. Please do invest responsibly.

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