Canada Nigerian Migrants – How to Seek Asylum from Nigeria

Here is the latest news you need to know about Nigerian asylum seekers in Canada and how Canadian government planned to stop Nigerian seeking asylum very soon.

A story has it that lots of Nigerians migrated to Canada illegally and started seeking asylum. They did not follow the due process but traveled by foot from the United States of America to Canada.

Before we continue with news on Canada Nigerian migrants, let’s first make you understand what asylum seeking is all about and what seekers tend to gain.

What is Asylum and what do seekers tend to gain?

There is different between asylum and refugee. An asylum seeker is one who leaves his home country to another country and requests for international protection due to fear of persecution.

Anyone who leaves his country to another is a migrant; a refugee does so in a condition where they have been forced out of their homeland.

Asylum applicants gain refugee status and will be permitted to stay in the UK for five years.

There have been a lot of Nigerians seeking asylum in Canada. Over the years, we keep getting news on how they trekked from border to border.

The Canadian government has put measures in place to curb this ugly situation because over 90 percent of irregular migrant does not meet criteria for asylum they said.

Can a Nigerian seek asylum in Canada?

The answer to this question is yes. A Nigerian can seek asylum in Canada only if he/she meets all the necessary criteria.

On the other hand, you can’t seek asylum in Canada from Nigeria. You must have migrated to Canada before you will be eligible to apply.

Let’s hear your opinion on Nigerians seeking asylum in Canada. Use the comment box below and share your view with other Nigerians at home and abroad.

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