Jamb Grading System 2019/2020 – Jamb New Grading System and Marking Scheme.

This is where you will learn about the new Jamb grading system, marking scheme for use of English, Mathematics and all other Jamb courses.

Those of you that are looking for jamb grading system; I will share it here and make some comments on it. When you see it, you will be able to know your chances of getting admitted into the university this year.

The join admission and matriculation board has published the official grading system for this year. The grading system comes invoke because post utme examination has been scrapped.

Post utme is an examination taken by university aspirant after jamb examination. It is usually conducted by every university. At the end, the result will be published. Students will now have to add up jamb score and post utme score and divide them by two to get their aggregate score. This aggregate score will now be checked with departmental cutoff mark to determine student chances of getting admission.

It is no more so. The system has changed, post utme has been scrapped and admission is now based on jamb score and O’ Level grades.

Check: NCEE Result 2019

Use the link above to check waec or Neco grading points after checking this of jamb.

The higher your jamb score, the higher your Points and the higher your chances of getting admission.

Now let’s see the new Jamb Grading system.

2019/2020 Jamb Grading System – Jamb New Grading System and Marking Scheme.

1 180 – 185 20 Points
2 186 – 190 21 Points
3 191 -195 22 Points
4 196 – 200 23 Points
5 201 – 205 24 Points
6 206 – 210 25 Points
7 211 – 215 26 Points
8 216 -220 27 Points
9 221 -225 28 Points
10 226 -23 29 Points
11 231 -23 30 Points
12 236 – 240 31 Points
13 241 – 245 32 Points
14 246 -25 33 Points
15 251 -300 34- 43points
16 300 -40 44 – 60 Points


How To Calculate Jamb Grading Point For 2019 Admission

From the table above, we can deduce that some jamb score yields some points. If a candidate scores 300 In UTME, he will be awarded JAMB point of 34.

During waec grading,  if the candidate present just one WAEC Result, he has 10 Points-This means that you cleared all your WAEC results in one Sitting otherwise, if you use combined results you will be allocated a grade of 2.

Now that you have seen the jamb grading system 2019 admission, you will have to combine it with O’ Level grading system. After seeing the two, you can then calculate your post utme score.

Read More about O’Level Grading System and how to combine it with Jamb here.

After going through it, you will then click here to calculate your Post Utme Score.

The above is official Jamb Grading system for 2019/2020 admission.

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