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Julian Corrie Broadus Instagram

Here is the official profile of Julian Corrie Broadus. I will be revealing his real Instagram account, lots of pictures and his net worth as at the time of this publication.

By trying to look up this young man on the internet, I do believe that you already know much about him. I will also say little about him for people who don’t know him and wish to.

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Who is Julian Corrie Broadus?

He is Snoop dog’s son. Though Snoop dog never knew he had a son, not until 2008. A paternity test was carried out and the popular rapper accepted to take care of his son since it was confirmed that he is the father.

So, Julian Corrie is no more snoop dog’s secret son but his legitimate and true son.

Who is Julian corrie broadus mother?

Snoop dog’s wife Shante is not the real mother of his son Julian. Julian Broadus real mother is Laurie Holmond, a lady who dated snoop dog back in high school.

They hooked up after his marriage with Shante, in the long run; she got pregnant which Julian was the end product.

Julian Corrie Broadus Instagram Official Page

Do you want to follow him on Instagram or watch more of his pictures? Here, you will find out his real Instagram account.

There are many people out there with a fake account of his. If an account with his name is not verified, know that it’s a fake one.

Julian Corie Broadus official IG handle is @corriebroadus

Want to view more of his pictures and official profile? Click here.

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