Latest News on MMM | MMM Old MAVRO payments | News About MMM Old Mavro


Latest News on MMM | MMM old MAVRO payments | News About MMM Old Mavro

Welcome dear MMM participant, you are here to read latest news on MMM Nigeria and how you can withdraw your old Mavro. All the things you need will be explained here for you to understand and know how to go about managing your Mavro.

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Earlier before now, we published a trick on how to GH 2016 mavro without any restriction or limitation. A lot of testimony came in from participants who called and those who had a chat session with us on WhatsApp.

To that end, we have decided to bring to you latest News on MMM Nigeria today. As a participant, you will need to be updated and know what is happening so that you will know when others are Getting Help of their 016 Mavro.

A lot of people have been asking us how to go about their Old Mavro in MMM. Today, I am more than happy to bring to you about MMM Old mavro Payments and how mmm old mavro payout is going to be.

It was clearly stated that nobody will lose a dime in MMM and the CRO and support have been working tirelessly to make sure that everybody is happy. I know there is nothing that will make people happy other than the payment of old mavros.

Since the old mavro was frozen, a lot of people were thrown into state of confusion and many have done silly things just because their money is stuck in MMM. They don’t now that he who laughs last laughs the best. MMM Nigeria is on the way to making everybody smile by paying old mavros in a way that the system will be sustained.

Old Mavros has been blocked. To unblock old Mavros, you will need to Provide help (PH) but that should be when they have finished with the arrangement on the ground.

Latest News on MMM | mmm old MAVRO payments | News About MMM Old Mavro

All the old Mavros have been reduce to the amount it was as at December, 2017. This was done so that they will be able to release the Old Mavro for withdrawal upon the PH of some amount of money.

This is a welcome development said by happy mmm participants as they anticipate to withdraw their old Mavro.

The news will appear on the PO of all participants and people will be allowed to provide help and GH 10% from their 2016 Mavro.

As at now, you will be able to see Mavo-2016-Contributions and Mavro-2016-Bonuses when you login mmm mavro account. This now appears because the old Mavro has been reduced and will be released soon.

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