MMM Nigeria News 2018 – What You Need to Know about MMM

MMM Nigeria News 2018 – What You Need to Know about MMM

Here is the latest news on mmm Nigeria. If you participated in mmm and looking for an important update about the programme, here is the best place to be.

We believe that you will find the information contained here interesting and make appropriate use of them all.

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Currently, mmm Nigeria is not paying. Do you want to find out why? Continue reading to get the full update and how to go about it.

We will be listing all the breaking news about the most popular peer to peer donation scheme in Nigeria.

You will have to select the one that matters to you, read and digest accordingly.

MMM Nigeria Breaking News 1

The founder of mmm Nigeria Sergey Mavrodi is dead. The dead of mavrodi led to the closure of mavro-mondial movement (MMM) in Nigeria and other countries where it was in operation.

To that end, we cannot determine the faith of the participant who still has money in the system.

If you participated in mmm 2016, 2017 and 2018 and had some money (Mavro) left in your account, we are sorry to inform you that your money has disappeared into thin air.

There is no hope of recovering your money because mmm Nigeria website has already been taken down as at the time of this publication.

mmm Latest Update 2018

What next in mmm Nigeria?

Owing to the closure of the popular get rich quick scheme, some of its greedy guiders went ahead to establish another platform called greenmavro.

They claimed that mmm participants will be able to claim their old mavro in the green mavro platform and get it paid to their account.

What’s my say on this?

I can say that this is another chance of cashing out from those who will fall their victim.

To be on a safer side, abstain from getting rich quick schemes.

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MMM Nigeria News

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