MMM Slashes 2016 Mavro, See Reasons and Detailed Explanation

GH 2016 Mavro

MMM Slashes 2016 Mavro, See Reasons and Detailed Explanation – Many participants of MMM have been asking me why their 2016 Mavro has reduced drastically. Since the frozen of MMM 2016 Mavro, the currency has been growing up till date. This will be too difficult to pay as they want to maintain their word that nobody will lose a dime in MMM.

See detailed explanation why MMM Slashed 2016 Mavro and how the deduction was calculated. See more details bellow

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The money in our PO has grown more than expected and if MMM should continue to operate; they need to pay old mavro to give participants hope of participation. As they cannot pay the actual amount accumulated in everyone’s PO, they have decided to slash the money.

This is a welcomed development to me because many that PHed little amount have had their Mavro grow much. They are now saying that MMM owns them a huge amount of money without knowing that all the mavro were accumulated within few months the mavro was frozen.

The slashing is based on 30% of your PH.

How Old Mavro will be Paid after MMM Slashed it

Now that the 2016 mavro has been slashed, we are sure that its payment will soon commence. A lot of people have been asking me when the mavro will be released for withdrawal but I am here to answer your questions once and for all.

After slashing 2016 Mavro, MMM plans to be paying it bit by bit. They will pay you 10% of your old mavro when you PH.

See a detailed calculation above

Let’s assume that you have 200,000 as your 2016 mavro.

To GH it, you will need to provide help. Let’s say you Ph 50,000, MMM will pay you your 50k, its 30% and they will pay you 10% of 50k from your old mavro.

10 of 50 is 5000. That is to say MMM will pay you 5000 from your old money. That is how it will continue till you will be able to withdraw all your old Mavro.

Detailed Explanation how MMM Slashed 2016 Mavro

Login to your account

Click on your Mavros

Click on Mavo-2016-Contributions

Continue clicking on the arrow that points to the left to check back until you see the date your mavro was cut down.

MMM Slashes 2016 Mavro, See Reasons and Detailed Explanation

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