Neco Releases Biology Specimen for 2017 SSCE Examination

Neco Releases Biology Specimen for 2017 SSCE Examination | Check NECO Biology Practical Specimen

Neco Biology Specimen – Students writing 2017 Neco examination can now download and read the specimen for biology. Neco Biology Practical is scheduled to hold on 13th June, 2017.

You can get the specimen and study it very well because it is what you will see that day on the exam hall. Contained here are the Specimen lists, Apparatus and materials to be used in the Biology Practical Examination.

SPECIMEN A – Cervical vertebra

SPECIMEN B – Thoracic Vertebra

SPECIMEN C – Quadrat

SPECIMEN D – Sweep net

SPECIMEN E – Pride of Barbados Flower

SPECIMEN F – Ripe Mango

SPECIMEN G – Tridax fruit

SPECIMEN H – Coconut Fruit

SPECIMEN I – Pawpaw Fruit

SPECIMEN J – Tomato Fruit

SPECIMEN K – Bean seedling (6 days old from the date of planting)


SPECIMEN M – Grasshopper

SPECIMEN N – Tilapia

SPECIMEN O – Cockroach

SPECIMEN P – Cactus Plant

SPECIMEN Q – Water Lettuce

Note: the Above Specimen has not been verified. Keep reloading this page to know when it changes. As we are still working on it.

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Neco Practical Specimen Drawings

We are going to upload the drawing for you to see. Bookmark this page and come back to it for the drawing.


Neco Specimen

Neco Biology Specimen

Neco Practical Specimen on Biology

2017/2018 neco biology specimen

neco biology past questions download.

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