– Naira Lift Login and Account Registration Page – Naira Lift Login and Account Registration Page – If you have participate in nairalift platform, you will be glad to know that they have introduced a new website to replace the already existed one.

You can now access the website through

This is a platform where you can turn a thousand naira into millions within a short time frame. It is possible and they have been doing it for a month now. After launching the first site they launched, some group of hackers attacked their database which leads to reset of all personal information in the database to a default setting. has been launched to take up from where the formal url stopped. All personal data at the old url has been transferred to the new one and anybody can now access his/her information at

If you have been a member before, then relax and read how you can login your account at the portal but if you are a new user, relax also and read how to sign up and participate in this wonderful scheme and will make you a millionaire without much stress.

For those who might not know how works, I will give a detailed description of how it works before the step to step guide on how to login and create your account. – How it works

Once you register, you will be paired to make a payment to another user within 4 hours. The user will confirm your payment and you will be placed in the waiting list to receive payment from four people.

After receiving your first level donation, you will be paired with another person you will pay 2000 in your level two. After payment, you will receive yours back in due time.

This continues to the last stage where you will receive more than a million naira from other peoples donation to you.

How create account on Plus NairaLift

To create an account, visit

Fill the opening form and proceed to register and make your payment. Login – How to access and manage your account

You can login to your account at any time via

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