How to Retrieve EEDC Prepaid Meter Token – Solved

EEDC Prepaid Meter

Retrieve EEDC Prepaid Meter Token – This guide will show you how to Retrieve EEDC Prepaid Meter Token. If you lost your token or recharged through your app but did not receive the token, i am here to help you solve that puzzle.

Sometime ago, a friend of mine called me that she tried to recharge her prepaid meter with her bank app after reading our guide on how to recharge prepaid meter online. She tried doing it with her GTbank mobile app, she was debited but didn’t receive the meter token.

This is situation is frustrating, that’s why i decided to make this guide to help those that might need it as well.

If you subscribed your prepaid meter online and did not receive the token, or you received the token but lost it, follow the instructions below:

How to retrieved Lost EEDC Prepaid Meter Token

Did you recharge your meter online and lost the token? Don’t panic, you can still recover it. If you made the payment with your bank app, kindly contact quickteller with your reference number. You can get the reference number from the debit alert your bank sent to you.

Once you send your reference number to them, they will process it and resend the meter token to you directly to your phone.

If you recharged through their agent, kindly contact the agent to help you with recovering your meter token.

How to Recover EEDC Prepaid Meter Token

Since my friend made payment with her bank app and did not receive the meter token, we started looking for a possible way to solve it.

We were able to arrive at a solution which i will list below.

  1. If you make payment with outdated bank app, you will be debited but will not receive meter token. Some banks like gtb and access bank has two apps, you need to find the one that works for you.
  2. If you already made payment, got debited but didn’t receive the meter toke, you need to contact your bank because the payment didn’t go through.
  3. The bank will reverse your payment within 48 working hours, you can try recharging with another bank app.

These are the steps we followed to retrieve EEDC Prepaid Meter Token. Let us know if it worked for you in the comment section.

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