Terrible: (Five) 5 Years Old Daughter Confirmed Pregnant in Plateau State

Terrible: (Five) 5 Years Old Daughter Confirmed Pregnant in Plateau State – We are now in the last days of the world. Things that have not been heard of before have started happening.

A five year Old Daughter has been confirmed pregnant in Plateau State Nigeria. This Happened in a village called Kanke Local Government Area of Plateau state.

The parents of the small girl confirmed this in an interview with newsmen. Her father reportedly told the newsmen that her daughter who is five years old began to complain of severe pain in her groan but they ignored it. After a while, they noticed that her breast were developing, all of which they attributed to early adolescence precocity.

They had to carry out a pregnancy test after noticing her protuberant tummy. The result was positive meaning that the girl is pregnant.

    Pregnant Five Years Old Girl

Her parents told newsmen that the person behind their daughter’s pregnancy is still unknown. Meanwhile, police has begun investigation to reveal the perpetrator of this crime.

As at now, everybody is still in the state of shock because this is a terrible incident.

I am still thinking how a Five Years old girl will get pregnant. It is terrifying.


  1. it is trust that Plateau people are terrible people in times of sex with small girls, their traditional are allow it. And they are proud of it.

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