VERITAS University Courses, Requirements and List of Accredited Courses |VERITAS University School Fees.

VERITAS University Courses, Requirements and List of Accredited Courses |VERITAS University School Fees –

This article contains all you need to know about Veritas University courses, requirements and list of courses offered in Veritas University, Abuja.

Veritas University is a Catholic Schoocasl Founded by Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria (CBCN). The initiative came from the Bishops’ quest for a University that would provide high quality tertiary education according to the noble tradition of the Catholic Church.

Veritas University is on a mission to provide its students with an integral and holistic formation that combines academic and professional training with physical, moral, spiritual, social and cultural formation together with formation of Christian religious principles and the social Teachings of the Catholic Church.

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We have gathered the list of accredited courses offered in Veritas University, Abuja. This is to enable those who are interested in the school know the courses that they can go for when applying for Veritas University admission. This article will aid you in finding out the courses, requirements and the full list of accredited courses in this institution.

We will also cover VERITAS school fees schedule for all interested persons. When you see the course you like, you will have to check its school fees schedule and know if it matches your choice.

VERITAS University Courses and Requirement – Full List of Accredited Courses In VERITAS University Abuja.

» Accounting


» Applied Microbiology


» Biological Science(s)


» Business Administration


» Business Education

VERITAS University Courses, Requirements and List of Accredited Courses |VERITAS University School Fees –

» Chemistry


» Economics


» Education and Chemistry


» Education and Economics


» Education and English Language


» Education and Physics


» Educational Management


» English and Literary Studies


» History and International Relation


» Industrial Chemistry


» Marketing And Advertising


» Mathematics


» Philosophy


» Physics with Electronics


» Political Science and Diplomacy


» Public Administration

VERITAS University School Fees 2017/2018

FEE STRUCTURE                Returning Students        New Students

Variables                             Rate per Session              Rate per Session


Tuition                                                 250,000                 250,000

TOTAL TUITION                                 250,000                 250,000


Other Student Charges                 

Registration                                       2,000                                     2,000

Examination                                      2,000                                     2,000

Medical                                               15,000                                   15,000

Use of Library                                    10,000                                   10,000

Information & Communication Technology Charges       15,000   15,000

Sporting Activities                          2,000                                     2,000

Identity Card     –                              2,000

Pre-Alumni Levy                              2,500                                     1,000

Utility/Sundry charges                  10,000                                   10,000

Verification of Credentials          2,000

JAMB Administrative Charges   1,000

Laboratory / Demonstration Fee                              

Other Students                                 5,000                                     5,000

Science Students                             10,000                                   10,000

Accomodation fees                        120,000                 120,000

Non-Refundable Charges                            

Caution fee                                       20,000

Acceptance                                        25,000

Grand Total (Science Students) 438, 500                               487,000

Grand Total (Non- Science Students)     433, 500                482, 000

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