Pi Network Withdrawal Date 2022 | Withdraw Pi Coin

Pi Network Withdrawal Date 2022 – I know by now, you are looking for how to withdraw pi coin if you have been mining pi since it was introduced.

On this guide, i will show you how to withdraw your pi coin and sell it for cash. The pi network withdrawal date will be made known by the pioneers of the network.

Before the withdrawal will start, there are some certain things that will be put in place. Firstly, they will have to list in exchanges like coinbase or binance.

Remember, only those who passed Pi KYC Verification will be able to withdraw when the withdrawal starts. If you are yet do validate your KYC, do so now before it closes. If you did not verify KYC, all the pi coin you have mined will be of no value.

KYC is the main criteria to withdraw pi coin from the mining app to mainnet. It is from the mainnet that you will be able to use your pi to purchase goods and services, convert to cash or to any other cryptocurrency.

Pi Network Withdrawal Date 2022

You can withdraw Pi coin anytime from the testnet to the mainnet after completing all the mainnet checklist.

From the mainnet, you can send pi coin from one wallet to the other (sell). We have made a detailed guide on how to transfer pi to wallet. Read it to get a deep understanding of how to utilize your pi coin.

How to Withdraw Pi Coin

You can withdraw it by creating a live pi wallet on the pi browser. You need to download the pi browser, complete know your customer (KYC) before you can withdraw pi network.

From the mainnet, you can transfer pi to another user, to another phone or to trust wallet. If you want to sell your pi on p2p, simply get the pi wallet address of the buyer and transfer the pi coin there.

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