www.kedco.ng | KEDCO Prepaid Metre Online Application Form – kedco online payment


www.kedco.ng | KEDCO Prepaid Metre Online Application Form – kedco online payment.

If you are tired of high electricity tariff brought by KEDCO, then you should consider applying for a prepaid metre and stand a chance of slashing your bill. One good thing about prepaid metre is that you can control how it energy is been used, you can only pay for what you use and not the random bill again.

I will educate you on how to apply for your own prepaid metre online and get a metre for your flat or compound.

In this post, I have covered the following;

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If you are looking to replace your old metre with a new Kedco Pre-Paid Metre, then you are in the right track as I will be guiding you on how to apply and get it delivered to your provided address in no distant time.

There is much demand by consumers of KEDCO to get PPM (Pre-Paid Metres). Owning to that demand, the Kano Electricity Distribution Company has showed its customers ways to apply for prepaid metre online.

Kano Electricity Distribution Company is responsible for distributing electricity between three states which are Kano, Katsina and Jigawa.

Kano Electricity Distribution Company gets its bulk power supply from the following Transmission Stations;

  1. Kumbotso Transmission Station 4x150MVA, 330/132KV Transformer. Ex-Kaduna Regional Transmission Station.
  2. Zaria Town Transmission Station 1x60MVA, 132/33KV Transformer feeding Funtua Town in Katsina State.
  3. Jos Transmission Station 30MVA, 132/33KV Transformer feeding Tudun Wada and Doguwa Local Government

The bulk power supply from the Transmission Station is wheeled to a number of Sub-Transmission Stations located at different areas within the geographical area of Kano, Katsina and Jigawa States.

The Sub transmission station wheels power to various Distribution Injection Substations.

If you are among the state covered by KEDCO electricity Distribution Company, then read bellow how to get your prepaid metre and pay as you use.

KEDCO Prepaid Metre Online Application Form | How to Apply Via www.kedco.ng

If you want to get Kedco prepaid metre, kindly contact them through +234-700-5555-1111 or email customercare@kedco.ng to arrange pick up.

KEDCO online payment | How to Pay for your Metre Online

You can make payment for Kano Electricity PHCN Bill online; all you have to do is to get a MasterCard or any debit card.

Now visit http://kedco.ng/kedcopay.html

Now select any payment method you want and proceed.

Learn more about Kedco Online payment here

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